About Telezog.

Our Mission

Telehealth was created to give people who do not have convenient access to health a chance to be evaluated for non emergent care.

Our mission is to take this ideal of equal access to healthcare to another level. Not only do we desire to give people who work all the time or who live in rural areas a way to be evaluated for aches and pains, colds, rashes, allergies and most non emergent complaints- we want to make it as convenient as possible.

Currently, going to a doctor’s office or any kind of office to seek care involves steps that cannot be avoided: getting ready, driving, filling out proper forms, the time the practitioner spends with you, driving to the pharmacy if medication is prescribed and finally driving back home. That’s actually not a bad tradeoff if you are really sick or in pain or need some kind of help.

What if there was a way to trim the process of getting ready? What if there was a way to cut down on the time it takes to drive, or go to the pharmacy? Well, that’s why Telezog was created. We want to make your visit as convenient as possible while still being in compliance.

Our History

Telezog, a subsidiary of AZOG PA, was created in 2018.

  • December 2016

    In December 2016 Azog professional association was formed. The concept was to create a series of clinics and concierge services to give more people access to healthcare.

  • Until 2017 Telemedicine Rules in Texas made Telemedicine visits difficult to pursue

    Previously, Telemedicine required a set of stipulations that made it impossible to give people access to health care that are not close to you unless different clinics were already established. Medicare still does not reimburse for Telemedicine visits until certain stipulations are satisfied, but private insurances allow visits to be reimbursed

  • April 2018

    Telezog was created to create a user friendly, seamless process of getting evaluated, diagnosed and followed up with.