This is a very important and very good question about our most popular services. Well firstly, not all conditions, disease processes and consultations are appropriate for a telemedicine platform. For instance, if you are having true chest pain, a practitioner will most likely want to determine if the pain is ischemic in nature or not. If it is, you should go to the emergency room to be evaluated for a heart problem. Usually, pain management is a very good consultation, but that type of pain- even if it is acute pain- is not appropriate for a telemedicine or telehealth service.

Now consultations that are appropriate for telemedicine are conditions or disease processes that are not emergencies, aka non-emergent conditions. We do treat a lot of conditions, like scars, UTIs, onset diabetes and depression. We also have a concierge option in Houston. With that being iterated, our most popular telemedicine services are treatments for:

  1. Acute Pain
  2. Acid Reflux
  3. Low Energy
  4. Erectile Dysfunction
  5. Acne
  6. Sleep Problems
  7. Rashes/Eczema/Psoriasis
  8. STI Treatment & PrEP
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treat my itching houston

Acute Pain

Pain is probably the number 1 reason why people go to the doctor's office, especially in Houston and surrounding cities in Texas. Pain management is also a very appropriate consult to evaluate via telemedicine, because it is highly subjective. It is perfectly centered around you, as healthcare should be. You might have a few questions when it comes to your options for treating your pain like: What are my options for pain management? Can I be prescribed narcotics?  How can we treat acute pain? Let's answer these questions about pain management and telemedicine, because pain is something you shouldn't have to live with untreated.

Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux, also known as GERD, can be a very mild condition to a very debilitating disease process. In Houston and in Texas GERD is so prevalent because our diet consists of a lot of fatty foods. Lifestyle change is probably the best initial management for GERD, but there are other options. Treating acid reflux is a pretty good consultation for telemedicine because it's more of an algorithm approach to treatment. You might have a few questions when it comes to your options for treating your reflux like: What are my options for acid reflux treatment? What foods should I avoid to help with GERD?  How can we treat acid reflux? Let's answer these questions about Acid Reflux and telemedicine, because untreated Acid Reflux can actually do a lot of damage to your GI system.

treat my itching houston
treat my itching houston

Low Energy

Having low energy is probably one of the most dissatisfying conditions to deal with because there can be some many different reason to have low energy. The good thing is, once we understand why you are experiencing low energy levels, we can usually fix the problem.  We can usually accomplish this with first understanding your lifestyle. Once we do that then delving into your labs might be of value. You might have a few questions when it comes to your energy levels: What are my options for increasing energy? Do I have to have labs drawn?  How can we treat low energy? Let's answer these questions about fatgue and let's explore how telemdicine can make these type of consultations more convenient.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, also known as ED, like most conditions you can temporary solve with medication, is a multifaceted disease. It seems straightforward, but lifestyle, hormones, medications and even your psyche can contribute to ED. We don't just help you with medication- we can help you explore why if you want. We don't want to just give you a temporary fix. How can we treat Erectile Dysfunction? Let's explore that answer together.

treat my itching houston
treat my itching houston


Acne makes a lot of adolescent teens suffer because of the stigma society places on us to be perfect. Don't worry nothing is wrong with you. You're beautfully and wonderfully made, as the saying goes. However, we can help with your acne to help you look more aesthetically pleasing to society, but most importantly to yourself. Also, if there is something not so perfect, like and imbalance of hormones or bacteria - causing your skin to distract you - we can help. Also, even though this is supposed to be a "teen thing," we treat a lot of adults with acne. Especially, if you get acne out of the blue you might have a few questions like: Why did I all of a sudden just get acne as an adult? What's the best way to help me get rid of acne? How can we treat acne? We'll explore the answers together. 

Sleep Problems

How many hours of sleep should I get? Ah, the age old question. Well, of course the text book answer is 6-8 hrs of sleep, but if your sleep is not restorative then what's the point? Do you snore? Do you constantly wake up? You might have some of these concerns and we can help. First, we have to see why you are not sleeping. Also, we have some non narcotic sleep supplements and solutions that can help you get good sleep. Of course you can just go to your doctor and get ambien, but some of the side effects of that stuff are pretty undesireable.  If you're having problems with sleep let's see what we can do to help. How can we treat sleep problems over the internet? How do I know if I have sleep issues? Your significant other will tell you. No, but seriously, we'll explore that question and many more concerning your lack of sleep.

treat my itching houston
treat my itching houston


Similar to an acne treatment, rashes, eczema and psoriasis are conditions that can be helped via telemedicine. Can my eczema be cured? Can my psoriasis be cured? How can you treat rashes, eczema or psoriasis over the internet? Well, we'll delve into that dermatitis topic a bit, but for the most part they can be managed with the right lifestyle changes and medication. So, if a rash just popped up and you want to get it treated, or if you've had an eczema or psoriasis flare up we can help you. 

STI Treatment & PrEP

STI treatments via telemedicine are on the rise, but unfortunately sometimes people don't get treated because they don't get tested. The stigmas associated with an STI- also known as a sexually transmitted infection- are plenty. How can we treat an STI over the internet? Well we'll explore how. If you live in Houston, we actually have a pretty all inclusive service that we are expanding to othe areas as well. However, if you live in Texas we can still help. Another big things is HIV prevention, which brings me to another good question: What is PrEP? PrEP is Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, in this case for HIV. That means if you live a high risk lifestyle then we want to help lower your chances of acquiring HIV.

treat my itching houston