More bout Acne

Acne is an encumbrance that affects the skin and self image. Short and sweet, our skin has pores that everyone wants to reduce to increase our aesthetics. People have tried mixing tomato and lemon juice and honey and chemical peels, micro-needling, prp… but I digress.

However you try to reduce the appearance of pores, beneath them lies glands. Certain ones produce sebum, an oily secretion that aids in keeping the skin moisturized and acts as an anti-bacterium. Most sebaceous glands are connected to canals called follicles. Through these canals dead skin cells get ejected from the body. Sometimes, sebum, hair and dead cells clog and form a plug, which can result in swelling due to the bacteria inside. When this starts to form, it leads to the formation of a pimple, and when it happens for the first time in can be very uncomfortable- physically and emotionally (pimples always seems to pop up at the most inconvenient times!).

Hormonal vs bacterial, acne does not typically result in a health hazard, but can scar- augmenting the level of discomfort. It typically occurs on the face, back, chest and even the neck region. It's more common that you think. You are not alone.

Acne Checklist

  • Make sure your face is clean
  • Avoid Sweat
  • Make sure your face is moisturized, but use fragrance free lotions and moisturizers
  • Food Awareness
  • Smoking
  • Hormones
  • Water
  • Sleep on a fresh pillow every night
  • Hair Products not touching your face
  • Try to stay away from makeup as much as possible or use makeup for acne prone skin like bare minimal


Acne FAQs