More bout Acute Pain

Pain generally is a feeling that get triggered in the nervous system and has a degree of intensity. The pain may be sharp or dull and the duration may also differ. Pain is manifested in the nervous system through the transmission of impulses by the nerve fibers. Pain through the nerve is important as it helps us to diagnose various health issues happening in our bodies. Without this, we would hurt ourselves without knowing and this would lead to even more severe issues.

There are different types of pain among them acute pain. Acute pain is a kind of pain that manifests itself quickly even when one was feeling well. It can be severe or dull and it lasts for only a short time and then disappears only to reappear later.

These kind of pain mostly comes as a warning to an oncoming sickness. Once you experience it, you should be cautious by ensuring that you visit a doctor for sickness diagnosis. Most people tend ignore such warnings since they don’t last for long and hence they end up thinking that the problem is over. Once ignored, the problem becomes more serious and the intensity of the pain intensifies.

Acute pain is not considered to be an ailment as it occurs when necessary. It occurs for example as a warning to a developing ailment. It may also occur due to the body being hurt like a broken bone, a cut or even a burn.

Once acute pain attacks you, you should perform a first aid treatment by consuming verified pain killers as you proceed on for medical consultation.

Acute Pain Checklist

  • Apply ice and heat at intervals: Ice reduces inflammation and heat improves blood circulation. In most cases of acute pain, applying both ice and heat at intervals work to improve the symptoms.
  • Use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: They are over-the-counter medications you can find in any pharmacy, and they usually work pretty well at alleviating pain symptoms. Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin are clear examples.
  • Try massage therapy: In many cases of low back pain, neck pain, and many others, the root cause of the pain is muscle contractions in the affected area. A gentle massage and muscle relaxant medications will improve this condition.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation: When you’re constantly bothered by pain from an old injury, you might need something else than just alleviating the acute pain. Visit a physical therapist and get a check-up done. You might need some rehabilitation exercises to get back on track.
  • Turn off the lights and try to relax: In most cases, headaches and many other body aches are related to stress and emotions. They might be linked to your visual health as well, and the light from your computer and other screens may have been worsening your symptoms. Thus, try to relax in a dark and quiet place as a means to ease your pain.
  • Rest the affected area: When pain is caused by a contracture or an acute lesion, it is better to stop what you’re doing and not force yourself against the pain. You can resume only if your pain goes away and it is not triggered once again by the same activity.
  • Look for medical assistance: There are plenty of pain symptoms that may turn out to be life-threatening conditions. Look for assistance if your pain is severe or somehow different than you normally experience.


Acute Pain FAQs