Functional Medicine and How Telemedicine makes it Even Better

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Functional medicine is the type of medical practice that focuses on giving treatments based on how the individual’s body functions. Functional medicine views each person as different from one another, genetically and biochemically.

Those who practice functional medicine adopt for a “no one size fits all” attitude towards treatment. This means that rather than going for the most common treatment for a unique set of symptoms, the practitioners will look into the history of the patient, along with their genetic makeup, environmental surroundings, and lifestyle factors before treatment.

The reason that all of these aspects are considered is that they have a strong influence over the person’s long-term health, as well as, on the emergence of any chronic diseases.

At first, a lot of people refused to believe in the healing powers of natural remedies such as acupuncture, cupping, uses of herbs, etc.

However, with time this thinking has changed.

When you go to functional medicine doctors, the first thing that they will do is make you go through the traditional tests such as urine, blood, saliva, and stool tests.

Once the results come back they will speak to you in detail about you and your family’s history. Only after this will they prescribe you the procedures and treatments to go through. They will often include treatments that won’t be normally recommended to you by your regular doctor such as dietary supplements, acupuncture, chelation therapy, exercise, detox, etc.

Functional medicine incorporates not only the modern treatment techniques of today but a lot of natural remedies as well. Other than that, the advancement of technology has allowed the functional medicine to grow even further. It is not just the tactics of the functional medicine that have enhanced, but also the way patients access it and the practitioners provide it.

A lot of times the patients are not able to travel to the doctor’s office due to physical incapabilities, or any other such issues. Other times the practitioner is not able to leave their office to visit just one patient since it could cost them other patient visits. All of this causes a huge communication gap between the patient and their doctor. There is, however, a simple and efficient solution to this problem, and that is telemedicine.

With telemedicine, the patient is able to speak to the practitioner using a secure two-way video and audio communications. This will not only make it easy for the patient to see their doctor, but it will also allow the practitioner to cater to more patients.

Another benefit of using telemedicine during the functional medicine treatment is that now the patient can see their doctor even more. This will allow them to give a day to day update of how they are doing. Any issue can be caught and fixed before it becomes a significant problem.

Since the patient and their practitioner will be meeting every day, the former is highly likely to follow the orders of the practitioner in order to see and show improvement. Sometimes, the patient can become a little carefree when it comes to following the treatment procedure, but the continuous meetup of both parties, through telemedicine, will allow the practitioner to keep better track of their patient.

Though functional medicine might not be the way you wish to go, it is still something you should try since they will look at you and your problems with a tunnel vision and prescribe treatments solely beneficial for you. Visit Telezog today to get started with your first telemedicine treatment.

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