Home Sleep Studies – How Does Telesleep Help

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 Home Sleep Studies

The term ‘Home Sleep Study’ refers to the phenomenon where patients suffering from sleep disorders have to go through a polysomnography (sleep study).

The activity is generally conducted in a sleep lab where the patient is required to spend the night while the polysomnography (PSG) equipment collects their physiological data. However, with the technological advancements today, this test can be performed at home with the help of techniques that telemedicine has brought to the table.

The branch of telemedicine that deals with sleep disorders is called telesleep.

Benefits of Home Sleep Study

Home sleep studies enable patients to self-administer a sleep test while they sleep comfortably at home to reduce the first-night-effect which makes it hard for people to sleep in new places such as a sleep lab.

A home sleep study is exceptionally beneficial for those who are homebound, the elderly, and/or those with chronic illness who need extra assistance to travel to the doctor. It is also useful for those who find it difficult to take out time from their schedule for the acidity and those who don’t have easy access to healthcare facilities.

Moreover, the cost of a home sleep study is only a portion of the expense you bear for an in-lab sleep study.

Sleep disorders these days are commonly found in both adults and children. If left untreated, they can lead to heart diseases, depression, behavioral problems, problems at work or school, and difficulties with interpersonal relations.

TeleSleep allows initial evaluations of people with sleeping disorders when this type of specialized test is not readily available closer to home or the patient is unable to go and get it done for any reason.

Conditions that may be diagnosed and treated via TeleSleep include:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Snoring
  • Sleep apnea
  • Women’s sleep disorders
  • Parasomnia
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Shift work/jet lag
  • Circadian Rhythm
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep terrors
  • Children’s sleep disorders

How Does Telesleep Work?

Video conferencing and other programmable telemedicine equipment are used for telesleep which allows the doctors to conduct a thorough examination.

Two computer monitors are to perform a home sleep study test; one where the doctor is and the other one in the patient’s room. This allows the patient and doctor to connect with and see each other just like a one-on-one visit in person would be!

Who Can Use Telesleep?

Anyone with a sleep disorder can use telesleep services to get sleep study tests done. All you have to do is choose a reliable telecare provider to get your treatment done with such as Telezog in Houston.

How Does Telesleep Help?

Several rural regions in the world don’t have easy access to the doctors or healthcare facilities. Telemedicine has branches in different fields which enable communities from these regions and others in need to avail healthcare services virtually.

TeleSleep particularly helps by filling the gap in sleep medicine expertise and ensures everyone suffering from sleep disorders gets timely and high-quality care.  It also aims to provide accurate results by giving an opportunity for a ‘second opinion’ for the interpretation of your home sleep study.

Get in touch with the experts at Telezog to take in more about telesleep or home sleep studies.

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