How to Increase Testosterone and Decrease Estrogen – Men

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Somehow, the overarching principle of being a man, has been summed up by and simplified into desire for sex and physical strength and activity. Of course most men would love an increase in performance, but it’s not as simple as that. Being a man is much more complex and houses the themes of being protector, being true to one’s self, leadership and many other implications that come along with being a man. Nevertheless, being a man has been simplified by sex and strength, and testosterone and other hormones have been shown to be a big part of manhood. So, the big question is: how do I increase testosterone?

To be brief, testosterone is a hormone, present in both men and women, that stimulates the growth of male secondary sexual characteristics. Hormones are molecules that stimulate certain actions in your body, like water regulation or the desire to consume food and many other important functions. So, in the simplest form on analysis, in men testosterone should be higher than in women. There is no such thing as normal, but there are different ranges for different laboratories which they deem to be within normal limits. I say that to preface a high testosterone level for you may not be high enough for me (:), and vice versa). Labs are good for measuring progress, however. For instance, if a woman was receiving bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy and starts to feel amazing, but develops hair under her chin, her testosterone probably would need to be optimized.

For men, this is how we increase testosterone and decrease estrogen (we’ll talk about optimizing hormones for women in another post):

  1. Medications.
  2. Vitamins. Sometimes people don’t like injections or pellets or creams. There are other ways to increase Low T. Over the counter meds to increase T simply don’t work. You need pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements to actually make a dent in affecting changes in your body. One vitamin that actually helps decrease estrogen is a substance called DIM (Meta I 3-c). Take a look at our product can help you manage your estrogen levels. Another product that can help with testosterone is DHEA. It’s another hormone that produced naturally by your adrenal glands that is converted to testosterone. Check our DHEA product out. 
  3. Food. Fat free diets are not the way to increase testosterone. Yes, can lose weight with these diets, but cutting carbohydrates is a much more effective strategy. Of course you want to eat good fats- your saturated fats – as cholesterol is the building block of testosterone. 
  4. Exercise. Compound movements like squats with weights, pull ups and bench press have been proven to increase testosterone.

To measure your progress or to being inquiring about testosterone and other hormone levels, a simple lab from bio reference, lab corp, quest or any of your standard labs can be easily accomplished under the supervision of a doctor or a telemedicine provider. With our service we can come to you in the Greater Houston Area (Missouri City, Spring, Katy, Pearland, Houston proper, Bellaire, Woodlands, Cinco Ranch).

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