Teledermatology: The Use of Telemedicine for Treating Skin Related Issues

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According to Reuters Health, a new study shows that after a year of emailing photos of their skin and communicating with their dermatologists online, eczema patients showed just as much improvement as people who saw their own doctors in person.

That’s how powerful telemedicine is for eczema and other skin and health conditions.

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, affects a lot of children and parents have to take out time from their hectic routine to take their children to get physician recommendations. This opened up a new opportunity for dermatologists to incorporate telemedicine techniques which lead to the discovery of a whole new field in skincare called Teledermatology.

Because of the fast-paced world we live in, working parents find it difficult to spare some time to provide appropriate and well-timed treatment of eczema to their children and/or the children themselves have to compromise on their studies to regularly visit dermatologists.

Teledermatology services delivered remotely with the use of telecommunications technology help ease these problems.

Teledermatology for Eczema Treatment

As mentioned, teledermatology is the skincare field that uses of telemedicine to treat skin conditions. It basically involves the use of telecommunication technology to transfer information about a patient’s skin condition to their dermatologist.


Teledermatology can be very effective for patients and specialists, particularly for those in rural regions that might not have trouble-free access to a dermatologist. It can be utilized to figure out the skin condition a person has, recommend treatment, and determine which patients require follow-up by a dermatology center to get an extensive procedure done.

It majorly allows dermatologists to provide overseas care for perpetual skin conditions such as eczema or as atopic dermatitis.

There are two models for teledermatology:


  • Store-and-Forward

It is the act of forwarding or sending latest digital snaps and patient data to their dermatologist who is far away or who they can’t or don’t want to visit in-person for any reason whatsoever.


  • Live-Interactive

The live-interactive model, as the name indicates, enables the patient to send pictures or interact live with the dermatologist.

The Advantages of Teledermatology

Teledermatology offers several benefits including:


· Reduced Costs of Healthcare

Telemedicine lowers down the frequency of your visit to the emergency department, which essentially lessens healthcare costs that you have to bear. Teledermatology can likewise enable patients with eczema and other conditions to get give quality care at a lower cost.


· Increased Access to Quality Medical Care

Teledermatology empowers virtual discussions with a dermatologist paying little heed to a patient’s geographic location. This enables them to get treatment against the condition they are suffering from without having to move an inch, making quality medical care widely and easily accessible.


· Timely Diagnosis

This technique also enables you to get skin issues like eczema to be catered to before they worsen or cause more damage.


· Increased Comfort and Understanding

A lot of people are more comfortable talking about their health concerns virtually than one-on-one. Teledermatology enables such patients to be comfortable and talk about their problems freely. This ultimately increases their understanding of the problem and/or treatment as they don’t have to flee the conversation because of being uncomfortable.

Teledermatology – A Useful Instrument in Skincare

The introduction of telemedicine, its branches such as teledermatology, and reliable platforms such as Telezog using this technique has revolutionized the healthcare industry by replacing the typical in-person visits with advanced virtual interactions of patients and doctors.


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