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What Men Over 40 Need To Know About Their Health

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Universally, men over 40 start to decline faster than their women counterparts. Of course it depends on many things like eating habits, exercise, overall health, sleep, etc. Nevertheless, one of the most important concepts that surrounds this decline is a hormone called testosterone.

I'm a big believer in the concept that men and women are hormonally driven, figuratively and literally- but I digress. 

Testosterone has been called the master male hormone for a very good reason, and men over 40 need to know that it declines every year for one reason or the other. Here is a quick graphic that might help. 


For women, they are typically protected fro cardiovascular disease and a lot of different health concerns because estrogen is so protective for women's health. So, it's true that women typically live longer then men because they don't start having cardiovascular problems until menopuase.

Testosterone has a similar effect in men. These numbers above may not be causal in relationship to the disease processes, but observations has been made that when testosterone starts to fall below 250- in seemingly healthy and unhealthy males- me start to experience erectile dysfuntion. This number is typically when people start doing something about their levels, but look at all of the other significant thresholds. 

Of course sildenafil (generic viagra) and tadalafil (generic cialis) will continue to be a staple in the fight against ED, but that's only one morsel of a man's health. All men over 40 need to understand that the master male hormone has tons of benefits. It could be said that it is neuroprotective at levels above 900. For that reason alone every man should be aware of their levels.

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